Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why do hair straighteners give a burnt smell to the hair..?

ive had it a couple of times after straightening my hair, just gave my hair a burnt smell all day and other people smell it so bad... whys that??

plus can you clean your straighteners when they are like not in use, i mean the iron platesWhy do hair straighteners give a burnt smell to the hair..?
depends what kind they are and how expensive / well made they are.

but.... my old straightners didnt made my hair smell of burning at all. (before i smashed them)

ghd's make my hair stink really bad.

but my sisters hair straightners make my hair have the burning smell really bad tooo and her straightners arent very good

use heat defence sprayWhy do hair straighteners give a burnt smell to the hair..?
Do you use heat-defence spray when using hair straighteners? This should stop the smell.. at least a bit.

I sometimes can smell this too :( but after all we are burning our hair :(

Or after you straighten your hair, put hair spray or a little bit of serum/gel to make it smell better.

I wipe down the straightening plates after ever use ;)

Hope i help
the smell is because you hair is actually burning. direct heat damages hair. try using a lower heat setting or blow drying you hair straight and then use a lower setting on your iron to smooth the edges. Also check into a good heat protector. be careful tho because some can cause your hair to be heavy and oily
mine does the same thing. i have a chi 2 inch flat iron, and it gets up to like 400 degrees. try using stronger smelling shampoo. i use herbal essences dangerously straight, and sometimes it overpowers the burnt smell. if the burnt smell is bad, try spraying some body spray in it or perfume. i always get compliments when i do that (:

i hope this helped! happy straightening%26lt;3
The reason they smell this way is because they are actually burning your hair. .to prevent this, purchase a heat protection product and use it every time you blow dry/straighten your hair. I use Miracle Mist. It's cheap, smells good, and it works!
Because it means, at some point, you burnt your hair with the straightener. It does happen. So when you use it, don't go through your hair slowly, but rather quickly to prevent damage. And use a heat protector.
because they do have this chemical that actually does burn the hair, that is how the perm straightens the hair!
because they use heat smart one, your holding a hot metal rod to your head and wondering why you smell burning? i hope your hair lites on fire
Because if you sqeeze it to tight or hold it in a certain spot for to long then it burns your hair
the heat is too high
omg. wow!

that's like asking why it burns when hot oil flies unto your skin! LMAO
because they burn your hair? You might be holding it on there too long
because its super freakin hot of course it burns ur hair!!

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